Dozens of people came together to talk about the impact of violence against women in ethnic minority communities as part of a wider campaign on the subject.

The event, which was hosted by The Circle of Women, marked the start of 16 days of activism aimed at tackling violence against females.

A number of esteemed guests, including the Mayor and Mayoress of Harrow, and prominent speakers attended the afternoon, which brought up a number of specific and thought-provoking issues.

Sonia Adesara, co-chair of the Medical Women International Association, spoke about domestic and sexual violence within the Asian community and how shame and izzat – honour and reputation – stops women from speaking out.

She also addressed the fact that black and minority ethnic women have faced “the brunt of the cuts to refugee services” and the stigmas attached to mental health and LGBT movements within the Asian community.

Meena Patel, who was representing the Southall Black Sisters, spoke of honour killings committed against British citizens abroad.

She also noted the number of brides who are brought over from the sub-continent who suffer terrible abuse at the hands of their relatives and often have little help in breaking free.

London Assembly Member for Brent and Harrow Navin Shah explained what it was doing to tackle violence against women while Afro-Asian advisor service founder Himat Lakhani raised the issue of human trafficking in the UK.

The event brought in £900 for The Circle and Southall Black Sisters, while Ms Adesara noted the amount of awareness raised for an important cause.