A teenage burns survivor hopes to use his passion for experimenting with different foods to launch a career in the catering industry.

Sizwe Jones, 16, from Pinner, spends much of his time in the kitchen creating new recipes with lots of different ingredients.

The Northwood School pupil collects wild berries and windfalls from the countryside close to his home and then uses them to create an assortment of weird and wonderful jams, sauces and desserts.

“I love attempting and experimenting with new recipes using things that can be found in and out of the home,” he said.

“When not at school, I volunteer as a conservationist in South Oxhey Woods. I researched how to use berries safely, since some can be dangerous, and how I could adapt them into my food.”

Sizwe has always had a love of cooking, and explained how he has been an almost constant presence in the kitchen at his home since he was ten-years-old.

When he was in Year 8, he received an award which recognised his improvement in food technology as teachers appreciated his desire to try new things.

"We learned that it is important to think about ratios and this is something I consider when my dishes - it's about creating the right balance," he said.

Sizwe was inspired to take up cooking after witnessing Jamie Oliver’s campaign for healthy eating in the UK, with a particular focus on schools.

He also said ‘The Naked Chef’s’ penchant for using unconventional ingredients gave him the confidence to try something similar.

“When it comes to jam making, people often associate it with grandmothers. But Jamie Oliver started experimenting with food when he was young,” he explained.

“I think to make a career as a chef, it is important to source and learn unusual ingredients.”

Working as a chef, or at least in the industry, is Sizwe’s ultimate goal. He wants to be able to carry on experimenting and would love the opportunity to carry on learning.

He explained how his family and friends provide him with the support he needs, even if they do offer plenty of advice.

“My friends can be critical at times but I actually prefer it this way, it means I can improve and produce something better next time round,” he said.

“My family tell me how much they like my food but, again, they often tell me where and how I can improve. This just makes me want to work harder and prove them wrong.”

The 16-year-old's latest creation is a 'Haws in Bram' chilli sauce, which "packs a punch".

Combining picked hawthorns with Bramley and Cox apples, he has created a sticky sauce which he recommends is eaten with porridge, yoghurt, ice cream or anything "deep fried and tasty".