Politicians have voiced their opposition to the proposed expansion at Heathrow Airport, as a new public consultation opened.

The Government believes that building a third runway at the UK’s busiest airport is preferable to expanding Gatwick.

However, a second consultation was announced by transport minister Chris Grayling to examine new evidence and those opposed to the move have urged the public to voice their opinions.

The decision is considered particularly relevant to Harrow, a region which is likely to be affected by any growth at Heathrow.

Harrow Liberal Democrats said new flight paths would mean an increase in noise for people living in the borough.

They also cited the short-sightedness in not including it in the original consultation “despite it being closer than other areas that were consulted”.

Vince Cable, Liberal Democrat Leader, said: “I urge all those concerned about the environmental and social impact of Heathrow expansion to make their voice heard through this consultation.

“The fact this consultation has had to be reopened shows the Government’s case remains deeply flawed.

“It is difficult to see how a third runway can be delivered without breaching legal air pollution limits.

“We will continue to work with other parties in Parliament to stop Heathrow expansion in its tracks.”

His opinion was echoed by Harrow East MP Bob Blackman who once again expressed his support for the rival expansion plan at Gatwick.

He said: “I remain steadfast in my opposition to the addition of another runway at Heathrow, since concerns continue to be raised about the environmental impact and the resultant noise and pollution would be extremely detrimental to Harrow.

“The case for a second runway at Gatwick is, in my opinion, far stronger, with less impact on the environment and residents living in the vicinity.”

Harrow residents have until December 17 to put forward their opinion about the third runway scheme.

For more information, contact the Department of Transport or call 0300 123 4797.