An MP has called on the Chancellor to seriously consider homeless people looking to rent when he announces the Budget.

Bob Blackman, MP for Harrow East, has been a driving force in the battle to reduce homelessness in the UK.

He now wants Philip Hammond to take the same approach the Government has demonstrated towards first time buyers to help those who are struggling to put a roof over their heads.

Mr Blackman said: “Too many homeless people are locked out of renting, and I’ve personally heard from constituents who are struggling to afford the upfront costs of renting. It’s time we took action.

“That’s why I’m calling on the Chancellor to fund Help to Rent and make it easier for homeless people to access private renting.

“The Government has provided billions of pounds to help first time buyers onto the housing ladder. It’s only right they now help the most vulnerable to find a stable, lasting home.”

Homeless people can struggle with the upfront costs of renting, while landlords often consider it too risky to rent to them.

Help to Rent projects support homeless people to overcome financial obstacles to renting, such as the need for a deposit, fees and rent upfront, while at the same time alleviating landlords’ concerns by providing training for tenants, ongoing tenancy support and services for landlords.

The campaign is led by Crisis, the national charity for homeless people, and chief executive Jon Sparkes wants Mr Hammond to put this issue towards the forefront of his plans.

He said: “We’d like to thank Mr Blackman for adding his voice to this campaign. If you’re homeless, private renting may be your only hope of finding a place to live.

“Yet homeless people are finding it harder and harder to secure a private tenancy. This is a desperate situation to be in: to be ready to move on and start rebuilding your life only to encounter financial barriers and closed doors.

“With home ownership out of reach and social housing in short supply, we are calling on the Government to unlock private renting for homeless people and those on the brink by funding Help to Rent projects and creating a national deposit guarantee scheme.

“Our proposals are simple and cost-effective, and have cross party support. It’s time for action.”