REFUSING to pay your council tax could leave you homeless.

An unpaid council tax bill for £4,000 has ended up costing a Brent resident £11,000 in backdated tax and costs.

After failing to pay the amount, the resident had his house seized and put into the control of the council.

In a news release issued by Brent, it said that the resident ignored all previous warnings, a charging order and an eviction notice.

Eventually bailiffs were ordered in, the house was sealed and the next step was to auction it, had the balance not been paid in full by Friday, July 13.

Councillor Bob Blackman, deputy leader of Brent Council, said: "This is the best result for everyone.

"The council does not want to sell people's property but will take the strongest action to recover money owed and currently has 15 charging orders in place across the borough.

"I hope this case sends out a clear message to the others that if necessary Brent will seize property belonging to people who refuse to pay their share of the council tax and if the debts are not settled the property will be sold."

The resident paid the council the money owed and has not lost his house.