A woman who left her career in marketing to take up baking hopes that her ‘healthy’ cakes can provide a solution for diabetics craving something sweet.

Anuja Vakil, from Harrow, was recently invited by the borough’s diabetic Mayor, Cllr Margaret Davine, to celebrate high tea, where she brought along some of her creations.

She said her host was complimentary of her bakes and suggested that she contact Diabetes UK to promote the ‘healthy’ version of a traditionally decadent food.

“The Mayor was so happy to eat something sweet after so many years,” Anuja explained.

“She said I was ‘a miracle’ and an inspirational lady – these words made me feel extremely proud of where I am today. I hope now to cater for the needs of many diabetics in the UK.”

Anuja, originally from Ahmedabad, India, previously worked as a life insurance advisor.

The birth of her son, Aayansh, forced her to give up her job as it was difficult to travel the long distances while raising him.

She then poured her energy into creativity and decided to take up baking, something she was previously inexperienced in.

After a couple of knockbacks, she decided to tackle the relatively niche market of heathier cakes, removing eggs, butter and white flour and promoting ‘Anuja’s Healthy Delights’.

“I was motivated by my husband and my son, both of whom are fond of cakes and sweets,” she said.

“So I looked into using multigrain flour and, even though it took some time for people to accept my sponges, parents loved giving their children something healthier to eat.”

She noted that people at her son’s nursery in Harrow soon began placing orders and that she is constantly developing new recipes to keep her products fresh.

Anuja’s aim is to open her own shop and wants to show that it is never too late to make a career change or go for something you are passionate about.

“I always carry the saying with me that you should never lose hope and that self-motivation is the best motivation,” she said.

“I have received immense support from my family and friends, and the local community, and I hope to continue to be able to work day and night for them.”