A man has called on authorities to transform an area he believes has turned into a “no go zone”.

Kuha Kumaran handed a petition to his council last month on behalf of businesses in South Harrow, arguing that they are suffering due to an increase in crime.

A 53-year-old man was rushed to hospital on October 14 after an assault in Northolt Road left him with a serious head injury and, in almost the same spot a month earlier, a 19-year-old was stabbed in an “unprovoked” attack.

Footage captured on CCTV showed a group of young people fighting outside a grocery shop along the busy street, and residents have had to campaign to ensure that the nearby police station remains open.

“This should be a nice place for people to live and prosper but it has been in decline for some time now,” Mr Kumaran said.

“It seems as if the issue has been brushed under the carpet and those in power are just willing to accept it.

“This should not be the case, we need people who work for everyone. We don’t feel safe, and this is not the image of Harrow that we want to see.”

He noted that Northolt Road is affected by the fact that South Harrow tube station is situated along it but believes that this should only serve to encourage greater attention.

He said: “There is a station so lots of people will be coming in and out. We have youth unemployment and a gang culture so people are just hanging around.

“Eventually this all boils over, as we have seen, so we need a greater police presence and more lighting to try and solve this problem.”

Mr Kumaran handing in his petition to Harrow Council

Harrow Times:

Politicians who serve the area have vowed to address the issue and have taken Mr Kumaran’s views on board.

Primesh Patel, a Roxeth ward councillor, said: “Like many residents, we are very concerned by the increase in violence and fly-tipping in South Harrow in recent times.

“Local councillors are working closely with Harrow Council, the local police and TfL to identify and deliver improvements in South Harrow, particularly in Northolt Road, which will hopefully see an improvement to the present situation over the coming months.”

His colleague, Cllr Jerry Miles, reiterated these comments and noted how Harrow Council leader Sachin Shah recently undertook a walkthrough of the area, where he was updated on these issues.

And Gareth Thomas, MP for Harrow West, said he intends to raise the issue of police cuts in the run up to next month’s budget.

“I cannot remember a time when so many residents have got in touch with me with their concerns about crime in South Harrow,” he said.

“Senior Met officials are now openly admitting that low-level crimes will not be investigated, so it’s no wonder that people are feeling less safe.

“I’ll be raising this in parliament again and hope the government will listen ahead of the budget.

“After all, if they can find £1 billion for the DUP to keep themselves in power, surely they can find the money needed to ensure we have the police officers in Harrow we need to keep residents safe.”