A variety of eclectic exhibits have been collected from over 45 countries in Rejuvenated Junk, a new temporary exhibition arriving at the Heath Robinson Museum on Saturday, June 17.

For three months there will be hats made from tin cans, bags made from ring pulls, woven rolled newspaper baskets and boxes, a cheese platter made from a flattened bottle, scoops made from food cans, ear-rings from bottle tops and more.

In 1935 Heath Robinson made a set of drawings which he titled Rejuvenated Junk depicting new uses for unwanted objects.

Ten of these were used as illustrations for an article written by KRG Browne, published in The Strand Magazine under the title At Home with Heath Robinson.

A number of these original drawings will be displayed, along with a reproduction of the article.

The Museum’s 21st century take on Rejuvenated Junk, featuring upcycled artefacts from 33 different countries.

The exhibition showcases talents from many communities within the borough.

All around the world, resourceful upcyclers retrieve mass-produced, everyday objects thrown away by others.

For these makers, common discards, such as newspaper, metal cans, glass bottles or plastic packaging are a rich resource, which they transform into useful and beautiful objects.

As well as the exhibit itself there are events for children and adults to make recycling and the imaginative re-use of objects real and practical for everyday life.

One of these events is the Junk Orchestra performance and workshop.

The music making workshop is led by Mr Junkman, a musician who has made an art of making instruments from odd and recycled objects rescued from the urban wasteland.

The Orchestra is coming to the Museum Activity Studio and outside gazebo in Pinner Memorial Park on Saturday, July 22.

There will be four different sessions, 45 minutes each, starting hourly from midday until the final session at 3pm.

Each will be split into a performance by The Junk Orchestra, a jamming session and a workshop for those attending to have a go making and playing hand-made instruments.

Those planning to attend are asked to bring some of their own recycling with them in a bag so that they can build an instrument to take home; suggested items are two tins, yogurt pots, plastic bottles, small or large tub of sweets or biscuits.

Rejuvenated Junk is a collaboration between Heath Robinson Museum and knowtrash. It may help visitors reconsider the stuff we throw away, inspiring us to discover ways to turn our trash into treasure.

More details at heathrobinsonmuseum.org