People are invited to pay their respects to a man called the ‘people’s hero’ during a Church mass in his honour.

The sudden death of Irish born activist Patrick Cullinane, 66, rocked the community, when he was found dead at his home in Harrow.

Police officers carried out CPR, but he was pronounced dead at the scene on Saturday November 12.

A Mass to celebrate Mr Cullinane's life will be held at St Joseph's Catholic Church in High Street, Harrow Weald on Wednesday November 23. 

The service will begin at 7pm.

He is to be buried with members of his family at Glenroe Church, Ballyorgan, in Ireland on Saturday November 27.

The funeral will be at 11am and is for family only.

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Friends pay tribute to Harrow activist and 'people's hero' Patrick Cullinane

Patrick Cullinane started working at Elstree Studios in 1982 as a stage hand for Warner Bros.

It was as a result of the casual nature of his work that he entered into a dispute with HMRC that led him to lose his house and informed his activism.

Revenue inspectors estimated that by 1992, Mr Cullinane’s had an unpaid tax bill as £68,000, based on an estimate of £17,500 a year rental income over seven years from two spare rooms in his home.

His house was repossessed in 1998 and in 1999 his house was sold for £125,000.

His ongoing battle with the Inland Revenue began when he was accused of not paying income tax.

Activist and friend Dafydd Morgan said: “Patrick Cullinane was one of the main activists within the UK and Ireland and was respected internationally for his tireless work supporting the 'little man' working against the establishment.

“His sudden death has come as a shock to our community. I hope that many of his friends can attend Mass to pay our respects and say our goodbye to our friend, mentor and for many, our 'rock' in our ongoing struggles.”