Several primary schools across Harrow have been named as being some of the best in the country.

St Anselm’s RC Primary School in Harrow and Grimsdyke School in Pinner were named in the top 500 schools in the country by the Sunday Times.

The broadsheet published its points-based findings in its new edition of ‘The Sunday Times Schools Guide, Parent Power this Sunday’.

Schools were ranked based on the number of pupils who achieved a level 5 in reading writing and maths between 2013-2015.

Positioned at number 50 out of 500 was St Anselm’s RC Primary School, in Harrow.

This was followed by Grimsdyke School, in Pinner, which was ranked at 108.

Rankings were produced by adding three English scores for reading, grammar and writing, to the maths result from key stage 2 Sats in 2015.

For independent preparatory schools only two from across Harrow made the list of the top 100 education establishments.

Alpha Preparatory School, in Harrow, was ranked at 12 and Reddiford School, in Pinner, was ranked 22.

Schools in this category are were ranked by the collective proportion of children achieving level 5 in key stage 2 SATS for reading, writing and maths in 2013-2015.

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