The sudden death of a political activist has rocked the community.

Irish born Patrick Cullinane, 66, was found unconscious and not breathing after police officers forced entry into his house in Harrow on Saturday November 12.

Officers were called to an address in Augustine Road at around 12:43pm.

Police carried out CPR but the man was pronounced dead at the scene.

His death is not being treated as suspicious, and a file has been passed to the coroner.

Patrick Cullinane started working at Elstree Studios in 1982 as a stage hand for Warner Bros.

It was as a result of the casual nature of his work that he entered into a dispute with HMRC that led him to lose his house and informed his activism.

Revenue inspectors estimated that by 1992, Mr Cullinane’s had an unpaid tax bill as £68,000, based on an estimate of £17,500 a year rental income over seven years from two spare rooms in his home.

His house was repossessed in 1998 and in 1999 his house was sold for £125,000.

His ongoing battle with the Inland Revenue began when he was accused of not paying income tax.

Some activists have said his life was “ruined” by this. Members of his family turned away from him, leaving him to fight his case alone. 

Financial activist and author Dafydd Morgan said: “I have known Patrick Cullinane for over ten years and have worked with him on many projects that were near to his heart.

“I heard about the news on Saturday afternoon, as police were in the house, and as it was happening.

“I’ve had a lot of calls coming in today with people being upset over the news. Patrick was full of beans, he was persistent, and very active in supporting the public at large, as well as working on his own struggles.

“He was well respected by the communities here in the UK, Ireland and internationally for his respect of human rights, Magna Carta and the rule of law.

“I have spoken to Patrick’s family and commiserated with them in their sudden and tragic loss. We will notify you further when we have any news updates in relation to the funeral arrangements.”

Hailed as the ‘people’s hero’, a Facebook group in his memory has been created and friends and fellow activists have been sharing memories and tributes to their friend.

Activist and friend Angela Power – Disney said:  “I'm heartbroken over the death of Patrick. He was a character. He was fearless and a gentleman.”