A city banker who lost more than £500,000 to spread betting, has yet to hand over £19,000 to his ex-wife.

In early 2015, Mr Justice Mostyn a High Court Judge, ordered Amit Goyal, 39, believed to be from Harrow, to pay £19,000 to his ex-wife Ankita Ghuman, 36.

Spread betting is a way of speculating on the price movement of global financial instruments, including shares, currency pairs, commodities and treasuries.

Detail of his failure to pay has emerged in a ruling by Mr Mostyn - who analysed the latest round of litigation at a private hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in London in October.

The couple were both born in India but lived in London, and began arguing over money more than three years ago following the breakdown of their 10-year marriage.

A different judge had explained how Mr Goyal had developed a spread betting addiction in an October 2015 ruling on the case - when he ordered the banker to make the £19,000 payment.

Judge Glenn Brasse said: “Mr Goyal had used his skills to try to predict future events in finance and sport.”

He had funded holidays and high living but had “begun to lose and disaster turned into catastrophe.”

Judge Brasse concluded that his spread betting addiction had “led him to dissipate the entirety of the family finances almost to the point of their extinction.”

Mr Justice Mostyn had analysed issues relating to a dispute over a pension.

He said he was due to analyse further issues at another hearing in the near future.