Harrow's £365m regeneration scheme probed a heated debate between councillors during last night's cabinet meeting.

During public and councillor questions at Thursday night’s Harrow council cabinet meeting, in the civic centre in Milton Road, Conservative group leader Cllr Susan Hall probed the council leader Sachin Shah about Harrow’s regeneration scheme.  

Cllr Hall asked if the leader of the council thought borrowing £365m warranted a discussion at a full council meeting and asked how the £365m regeneration project fit sin with the promise Harrow made to make “an efficient an well run borough.”

Cllr Shah said: “I am proud of our regeneration project scheme. We are already building more houses as we wanted to build a better Harrow, which is what we should be doing as a council.

“I am really surprised, I thought you would welcome it.”

Cllr Hall continued to ask questions, despite being told her allocated time was up.

She held up a megaphone created from a blue piece of paper, which she had made before the meeting, and said to Cllr Shah: “I’m tired of you turning my microphone off.”

Cllr Hall also said that Cllr Shah should have been listening to answers given by Cllr Sue Anderson, instead of live tweeting from the meeting.

She said Cllr Shah had “taken his shoes off, was swinging his legs and tweeting during the meeting.”

Cllr Shah replied by saying it was part of his upbringing to take his shoes off while sitting.

The debate moved to social media during and after last night’s meeting and has continued to this morning.  

Cllr Shah said it was a ‘personal attack’ rather than attacking his policies.

Cllr Hall replied by tweeting “Labour are a shambles”.