RABBIS and priests united with their Muslim brothers to help celebrate the festival of Ramadan.

More than 1,500 people of all faiths and backgrounds gathered at the KSIMC Islamic Centre, in Wood Lane, Stanmore, to mark the occasion on Saturday.

The festivities saw the community come together after sunset to break a day of fasting with a feast of curry, samosa and cassava.

Internationally renowned Islamic speaker and researcher, Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli, then gave a speech on the issues of rising Islamophobia and hate crimes, which touched on the recent murder of Bately and Spen MP Jo Cox.

East Harrow’s MP, Bob Blackman, who was among the attendees, which also included other local politicians as well as community, interfaith and business leaders, said: “It was, as always, wonderful to meet old friends and make new ones over a Ramadan meal. “I enjoyed the great spirit of friendship and hospitality this evening, and, as always, was well-received.”

Other attendees included Tony Raymond, the chairman of the Stanmore Society, Rabbi Daniel Smith and Reverend Shaun Lambert.

During the festival of Ramadan, Muslims fast from dawn to sunset as an act of faith and worship towards God.

Sheikh Mustafa Jaffer, president of the KSIMC of London said: “On behalf of The KSIMC of London, we would like to thank everyone who joined us in one of the most important times of the Islamic calendar year – the Holy month of Ramadan – and helped make it such a memorable celebration.

“It is during the time of breaking fast that we are constantly reminded of sharing our bounties with others. That’s why we are delighted to invite members of the local community to break fast with us this Ramadan.

“We were particularly pleased to welcome our neighbouring faith leaders from Stanmore’s Jewish, Christian and Hindu communities to join us and celebrate in the spirit of diversity and inclusion.”