PERSISTENT fly-tipping at a block of flats in Harrow Weald has created a mountain of rubbish. 

The bin compound at Maison Alfort, on the corner of Weald Lane and High Road, became an eyesore after it was apparently targeted by repeated fly-tippers. 

Elaine Cravitz, who owns two flats in the area, said some residents living above the shops on Weald Lane were throwing rubbish out of their windows in the general direction of the pile because they did not have their own waste bins. 

“Rubbish was spilling out onto the street. How can anyone live looking onto a rubbish tip?” she added.

Kathleen Long, who runs a nearby bar, said instances of fly tipping were becoming increasingly frequent.

“We have had a terrible problem with fly-tipping – it’s been building up for a while,” she said.

“People just leave stuff there and take off in vans. It’s an absolute disgrace.”

The pile has now been removed but Bob Blackman, MP for Harrow East, said fly-tipping in the area had reached “grotesque” levels recently, with “piles of rubbish strewn everywhere” and sightings of rats occurring on a daily basis.

In a letter sent to Michael Lockwood, chief executive of Harrow Council, Mr Blackman bemoaned the “exasperating attitude and neglect” shown by the council in tackling the persistent dumping of waste across the borough.

“In part, this issue is caused by private landlords not providing their tenants with ample waste disposal facilities. Surely Harrow Council should fine these landlords as they are causing untold problems for other, law-abiding residents?” he said.

He also called for the immediate installation of CCTV to catch the perpetrators of this “foul and anti-social practice”.

Councillor Graham Henson, portfolio holder for environment, crime and community safety, said because the land was private it would not spend public money to meet the MP’s request.

He added that it was the landowner’s responsibility to manage, maintain and clear waste, although the council had assisted in the past.

“These occurrences are a result of people who have no shame or respect for their neighbours or the area they live in,” he said.

“We are also looking to prosecute a separate individual caught fly-tipping here recently.

“Our residents expect clean and safe streets - it’s why we will be introducing a fine of £200 to take tougher action against the small minority who spoil the area for others.

“Residents should continue to report all incidents of fly-tipping through our website.”