PROPOSALS to build 120 homes will affect any “already gridlocked” area according to one concerned MP.

Former Stanmore day centre Anmer Lodge was sold off by Harrow council in October to make way for new homes, a Marks and Spencers food shop and new multi-story car park.

The plans, which have been ongoing for more than two years, were approved in 2014 but many neighbours fear the number of homes being built will have a negative effect on the area.

Harrrow East MP Bob Blackman lodged his objections to the proposals at the planning application stage, suggesting the infrastructure in the area would not be able to cope with such a large scale development.

Speaking to the Harrow Times this week, Mr Blackman said: “The redevelopment of Anmer Lodge has been an issue for some time as it has been somewhat on and off in terms of progress on what will happen to the site behind Stanmore Library.

“I generally support the proposed M&S Food store, as local people see it as a benefit, but I remain extremely concerned about the overdevelopment of the site when it comes to housing.

“The local infrastructure simply can’t cope with almost 120 new homes in such a small space and so far I have not seen any satisfactory answers from Notting Hill Housing on how they will manage such a large increase in traffic in an area that is already gridlocked.

“I expect that they will want to keep local residents informed on progress and advise the local community on how they will alleviate the traffic congestion.”