WATER continues to pour out the ceilings of three tenants after more than three years of complaining to their housing association.

Households in Brindley Court, Stanmore Place, have endured misery after misery as issues continue tao remain unfixed in their flats.

Problems range from leaky roofs and ceilings, to light fixtures in communal areas that have not been functional for up to 15 months - leaving some tenants using torches in communal hallways to access their flats.

But one woman, tenant Yetemwork Kidane, is more concerned by the fact that she has been living without a ceiling for more than six weeks, and is forced to keep an umbrella up whenever she’s in her kitchen and living room while water pours from the pipes.

With several pots and pans spread out across the floor, she also has to set her alarm for 4am each morning to ensure the water does not spill out over the containers.

Upstairs, tenants Matt Zischkale and Clive Drake have also been raising complaints about leaking roofs and damp dripping down their walls since 2012.

Mr Zischkale said: “Nothing has been done to repair the damage, no one had found responsibility to make an effort to repair the damage, and now the leaks are worse than ever before.

“I appreciate that we have had an unusually high amount of rainfall, but no matter how much rain, a tenant should feel safe and secure in the housing provided by their landlord.

“As this is not the case and has been ongoing for this considerable amount of time, my mental well-being but also physical health has suffered with the stress and constant worry.”

Mr Drake added: “I moved in in March 2012 after seven years in benefits housing and I was so grateful to find this home, but after just weeks the leaks appeared.

“The water just gushes out like a tap. All I want is for there to not be a water feature or a shower in my living room.”

Tenants say problems have been ongoing at the property for more than three years and they feel like, despite almost daily calls to the association, the company is refusing to do the work.

Mr Drake added: “I call and call and call, but after three and a half years here I still have to keep buckets along my window sill.

“I came back home this week to find, yet again, an inch of water on the floor. When will A2Dominion do something?”

Mr Zischkale added: “I did think I found my perfect home, but thanks to A2Dominion I am looking into being rehoused, so I can finally get on with a stress- and worry free life.”

On top of their rent, the tenants also pay a £12 a week service charge – which they say they feel like withholding but are too worried about the threat of eviction.

David Lingeman, group director of property services, said: “We regret that a repair to communal lights at our Brindley Court scheme in Stanmore has taken longer than anticipated, and we apologise for any inconvenience this has caused to residents.

“The delay was caused by parts no longer being available, but replacement lamps have been sourced and an electrician is scheduled to install them.

“We are also in the process of repairing a leak to the roof at one of the blocks at Brindley Court which is affecting two homes, alongside one other internal leak.

“We refute the claim that we refused to repair this issue and have been liaising with the residents and contractors to rectify the problem as swiftly as possible.”