FED up with your journey being ruined by noisy schoolchildren blasting out music on their mobile phones? Well, you are not alone.

Gangs of youths have been ruining passengers' journeys for long enough and now the West London Times Series has joined forces with veteran campaigners Tom Wright and Valeria Martinelli to do something about it.

Tom and Valeria have campaigned vigorously for bus and train companies to make public transport music free.

So far, Tom, 31 and Valeria, 38, have managed to gain enough support to submitt a petition to the House of Commons and Transport for London with more than 4,500 signatures asking them to implement byelaws that protects people's right to travel in a peaceful environment.

Both the House of Commons and Transport for London have responded to the original petition.

TfL's response has been to place posters up asking people to "keep their music down" while the House of Commons has laid the responsibility for implementing the bye-laws at the feet of individual travel companies.

Tom said: "The posters are going up. It is better than nothing but it isn't enough. We asked them to get tough on loud music and their response seems to be wishy washy.

"They aren't outlawing it - they are just asking people to be considerate which doesn't always work."

Now the West London Times Series wants your help to stop youngsters making our journeys on public transport a musical misery.

Tom said: "All we can do is keep the pressure up on them and keep monitoring the position."

The campaigners have launched a new petition and this time they have gone nationwide, approaching every transport company and asking them to respond to how they implement the byelaws that protect individual freedoms.

They have also enlisted the help of two MPs who have tabled an Early Day Motion asking for mobile phone companies to set up a Code of Practice and asking government to regulate use of phones in public places, especially when used to play music without headphones.

We want you to get in touch with us and answer our questionnaire telling us what your most annoying experiences of antisocial noise on public transport are.

Just email us your answers along with your name and contact details and we will present them to the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, when we ask him what he will do to combat antisocial behaviour.

We will also be going out with British Transport Police to see how they combat antisocial behaviour on London's transport networks.

This is your opportunity to get your views across - so don't waste this opportunity to make your feelings known.

  • To see a video that Tom and Valeria shot which highlights the problem go to www.harrowtimes.co.uk/news/video.
  • To sign the petition log on to www.hovis21.com