Schoolchildren stepped onto the political battlefield with an election of their own.

Pupils at Roxbourne Primary School in South Harrow have preparing their election campaigns since the beginning of March.

Year 5 teacher and humanities leader Steven Gibson was joined by more than 80 politically-minded students from Years 4 to 6, who were separated into parties, registrars, polling officers and the counting team, along with four 'opinion officers'.

The four party leaders created policies to persuade children and adults alike to vote for them in school.

They received expert advice from Harrow parliamentary candidates Bob Blackman and Gareth Thomas and Councillor Jeff Anderson.

The politicians, who visited the school over the past few weeks, also explained what they do on a daily basis.

Mr Gibson said: "The children have been really engaged within the election campaign, which has brought our election to life."

The young party leaders will give speeches to the school to say why pupils should vote for them, with their election on May 6 and the results announced on May 8.