A stand-up comedian and actor hit the campaign trail to help Labour parliamentary candidates.

Eddie Izzard joined candidates Uma Kumaran, Gareth Thomas and Michael Borio at Harrow-on-the-Hill station yesterday afternoon as part of Labour campaign efforts.

A life-long Labour supporter, he hit the high street to speak to shoppers and commuters about what they want from the General Election in May.

Ms Kumaran said: “Eddie Izzard is an exemplary ambassador of the Labour Party. It’s great to welcome him back to Harrow and it’s fantastic to have his support.

“Like me, Eddie believes in saving our NHS and lowering the cost of living for all. Today we’re speaking to people to do just that.”

Posing for photos and speaking to fans, the award-winning comic urged shoppers to make sure they were registered to vote - but argued that Labour was the best way forward.

He said: “Uma is a serious fighter for Harrow East and I want to see her get across the line.

“I’m out here in Harrow supporting Uma because our people get out and have real conversations with voters.”