The Harrow Times has asked each parliamentary candidate to list five reasons why they should become an MP at the General Election on May 7.

Here, the Conservative candidate for Brent North Luke Parker explains why you should vote for him.

1) I will fight against Brent Labour's disgraceful bin tax. Hardworking families already pay enough and this is simply a council tax increase by the back door.

2) As a passionate supporter of education reform, with three young children of my own, I am dedicated to creating world class education and increasing school choice in Brent - no more 'mega-schools'.

3) I'm a successful businessman and will champion London as a centre of global trade and take action to support our high streets.

4) I support compassionate reform of the benefit system to ensure that work always pays while protecting the needs of the elderly and the disabled.

5) As a self-made man raised above my parents' pub, I'm a strong advocate for social mobility and will campaign for the introduction of a London living wage.