The Harrow Times has asked each parliamentary candidate to list five reasons why they should become an MP at the General Election on May 7.

Here, Liberal Democrat candidate for Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner Joshua Dixon explains why you should vote for him.

1) I'd probably be the youngest MP in Parliament. I believe that young people are massively underrepresented in politics. At the 2010 election, from the new intake of MPs, the average age was 50. While I believe a diverse range of ages should be represented, young people particularly need to see that it is OK to be young and politically active.

2) I'm not a career politician. Ever since I was 15 I have been working, be they part time or full jobs. Most importantly, much of that work has taken place outside of politics. I believe there are too many politicians who spend their lives in the political bubble and never experiencing what ordinary people do in their work. Even at the age of 23 I have spent more time working outside politics than even Ed Miliband has!

3) To help transform society. The way society is now is not the way it always has to be. I believe we need to pass legislation that not only shifts wealth away from those at the top to those less fortunate, but also power too. I believe we need a mansion tax to help fund our public services and also we need a fairer voting system, that delivers a parliament that truly represents the will of the people.

4) I'll be a straight-talking MP. I am known in my party for being outspoken and not always toeing the party line. I would continue this if elected. An example was back in 2010 when some of our MPs voted to treble tuition fees. I made sure that I was side by side with students on the streets of London protesting against this move. I mention this because we need more independent-minded MPs who will stick up for the values they believe in.

5) Because Britain needs Liberal Democrats in government. I am fiercely proud of what we have managed to achieve since 2010. The front page of our manifesto set out our priorities and we duly delivered them in government. These included raising the personal tax allowance to £10,000 (which the Tories opposed back then!) and the pupil premium, which is already helping the attainment gap narrow in our schools. But to see this legacy upheld, we need Lib Dems back in government to build on our record of delivery and a promise of more.