The Harrow Times has asked each parliamentary candidate to list five reasons why they should become an MP at the General Election on May 7.

Here Paul Lorber, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Brent North, explains why you should vote for him.

1) I have lived in Brent since 1969 and have devoted 32 years to working for local people as a local councillor in Barham & Sudbury and more than 20 years as a school governor at Barham Primary School in Wembley. I currently work as a full time unpaid volunteer for Friends of Barham Library.

2) I will continue to campaign to reopen a community library in Barham Park and Preston that Labour closed in 2011 and have pledged to donate half my MP's salary to help pay for community libraries in Brent if elected as a Member of Parliament for Brent North.

3) Over the past five years, Liberal Democrats have protected pensioners with fair rises in pensions, cut income tax by £800 for the people on the lowest incomes, introduced the school premium and free school meals for the youngest children.

4) Liberal Democrats will protect our NHS, increasing funding of £8 billion over the next parliament including a large increase in funding for mental health and home care services.

5) Liberal Democrats helped eliminate more than half of the inherited Labour deficit and have seen unemployment and inflation fall while creating two million apprenticeships and millions of real jobs.