STAFF at a Harrow Post Office are protesting against what they describe as cramped and unsafe working conditions.

And Harrow West MP Gareth Thomas has joined forces with the workers to urge Harrow Council and Royal Mail to find a new site that is less cramped, has staff parking and is safer.

Richard Kassir, a spokesman for Harrow's Communication Workers Union members, said: "This isn't about a struggle with Royal Mail management, they and us are keen to find new offices as they are now not fit for purpose. The problem, though, has been finding the will to spend the money to get new offices."

"The staff have been there for about 22 years, when we moved here we were part of a business park but we are the only ones left, everything else has been built on."

The development of the former industrial site on which Harrow Postal Delivery Unit (PDU) is located is being redeveloped for housing so parking and access for Royal Mail's 7.5 tonne delivery lorries is expected to become even more difficult.

In addition, Royal Mail now has to ensure that every letter that arrives for distribution at the PDU is ready to go out the next day otherwise it can be fined.

Gareth Thomas MP said: "I hope Harrow Council and Royal Mail will recognise the urgency of this issue. There is nowhere for people to park now and it is increasingly unsafe for our post people. The council and Royal Mail need to work together to find a better location so the quality of our postal service improves."