Secondary school pupils quizzed Foreign Secretary William Hague about Syria and foreign policy during a surprise ministerial visit today.

The high ranking cabinet minister visited Whitmore High School, in Porlock Avenue, Harrow, today and was joined by parliamentary candidate Hannah David and MP Bob Blackman.

Year 11 pupils asked questions on situation in Syria, politics’ engagement with young people and Britain’s role in the world.

Mr Hague said: “They are all very bright pupils and they asked very insightful and important questions about a range of topics.

“In my experience the people who ask you the best questions are usually from young people in schools and colleges, which gives me great confidence for the future.

“I think it is important that young people are interested in these topics and want to discuss them.”

Mr Hague also spoke about the death of Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital surgeon Dr Abbas Khan, who died in Syrian custody last year.

He said: “The death of Dr Khan was a tragedy and we believe he was killed.

“It important to realise our message is that Britons should not travel to Syria as it is not safe.

“What I hope will come from the peace talks in Switzerland is that there will be justice for the family of Dr Khan and justice must be done for all those affected in Syria.”