A deaf club will be hosting a special conference this evening on the promotion of human rights.

Harrow Asian Deaf Club (HADC) will be hosing the conference at the Bentley Day Centre, in Uxbridge Road, this evening, which will include a speech from Peter Tatchell.

Mr Tatchell will be speaking about issues lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual human rights.

The evening’s event, called Fight for your Rights, will include a number of speakers looking at the support for deaf people in the UK.

Asif Iqbal MBE, President of HADCsaid: “HADC’s mission is to promote equality and diversity within our communities. LGBT is one part of our communities and faces so many barriers which are parallel to many experiences that deaf and BME (black and minorities ethnic) communities face.

“The event provides an opportunity for all of us to learn more and gain better understanding about human rights.

“I am also delighted to have the presence of Peter Tatchell, a well known LGBT human rights campaigner, who won several awards in recognition of his ‘tireless and fearless international human rights campaigning’.”