The chair of governors at a West Harrow school has said that it is unsafe and has “issues with asbestos”.

Pippa Lee, chair of governors at Vaughan Primary School, has written to all Harrow Borough Council councillors expressing her support for the expansion of the school.

She told councillors she supports the expansion because there is an urgent need to create more primary school places in the borough - and to address safety and child protection concerns.

She wrote: “The structure of the building is not fit for purpose.


“The Junior School was built over forty years ago as a temporary measure and was not expected to last for more than 20 years.

“There are also issues with asbestos and as time goes by this is going to become a serious health risk.”

She added that the school's reception is out of sight of visitors entering the premises, creating "a clear risk" to child safety compounded by the distance from administrative staff "some way" down the corridor.

The letter continued: "While we endeavour to police the entrance at the start of the day it cannot be effectively monitored throughout the school day.”

She added: “Our boiler is more than 40 years old and breaks every winter and finding replacement parts is very difficult and it is not cost effective.”

Councillor Husain Akhtar received the letter. He said: “The school has set out good reasons why the school community has agreed expansion.

“As a retired Ofsted inspector of schools, I value the reasons for, and see the merits of, the expansion. I support the school community.”

Harrow Borough Council is currently considering plans for a new building on the school’s playing fields, which would house 12 classrooms and two halls.

But people living near the school are fighting the plans, which they warn would reduce the value of their homes, overlook their property, pose a flood risk and increase congestion on the roads.