A councillor believes he has risked losing his seat at the next election by abandoning the Tory party.

Cllr Husain Akhtar announced on Thursday evening that he was leaving the Conservative party to act as an independent councillor.

However, the Canons ward representative believes that his decision will have damaged his chances of being reelected in 2014.

Cllr Akhtar says that he is now less likely to be reelected as Canons is a safe Conservative seat and, therefore, its voters are more likely to vote for the Conservative representative than for him as an independent candidate.

Cllr Akhtar said: “I took this step knowing what I have to lose but I felt that I had no choice.

“I evaluated the situation as it was and I felt that I had to take this step to stick with what I believe in.”

Cllr Akhtar says that he is leaving the party because he felt unable to vote for the Conservative candidate, Susan Hall, for the position of council leader.

Instead, he felt that the Labour candidate, Thaya Idaikkadar, would be better suited to the role.

He also says that he felt unable to work with the Tory group any longer following their behavior towards Cllr Idaikkadar during a council meeting on Thursday.

Cllr Akhtar said: “I felt very strongly about the meeting. The Conservative group, under the present leadership, relies on victimization and being uncooperative.

“What is needed, in my opinion, is for the council groups to work together to make sure our policies benefit the residents.

“The way the questioning was done last night was very unfair and I couldn’t possibly live with it.

“I cannot sit with the Conservative group any longer knowing what I stand for.”

He added: “It is in the interest of the people that I must do this.

“I couldn’t collude with the behavior that was taking place.

“In leaving the Conservative group I am standing against discrimination and injustice.

“They are being destructive and point scoring which does not help anyone.

“The most important thing is that the residents need to be well treated.”

Councillor Susan Hall, leader of the Conservative group, has hit back claiming that Cllr Akhtar has now “shown his true colours”.

She said: I'm obviously disappointed with Cllr Akhtar's decision, but my initial thoughts are very much with the residents of Canons who elected a Conservative to represent them.

“Cllr Akhtar clearly felt more comfortable voting for both the Labour leader and then with Labour during the council meeting, and it is particularly telling that in his resignation statement he complained that it was inappropriate for us to challenge Labour's new leader.

“Apparently he has forgotten what the function of an opposition group is, and that Labour don't have a divine right to make decisions without scrutiny.

“For some time now, Cllr Akhtar has pursued his own agenda - both personally and politically - often in contradiction with the Conservative group as a whole and its leadership.

“So while I reiterate my disappointment that he has resigned, and chose not to discuss any concerns he had beforehand, his decision at least shows his true colours for all to see."