Warm-up gigs for the Edinburgh Festival are often a good way of seeing rising talent without too much of a hassle or expense and an evening in the company of Hal Cruttenden performing his new hour long Edinburgh set certainly didn't disappoint.

But before we talk about the main event in this top-notch night of mirth making, mention must be given to compere Danny Dawes for judiciously firing questions at the group of lads parked front of stage. Danny picked out Dan the mortgage man for his major target but having bumped into Bandit' in the toilets prior to opening his set, he was also able to regale us with the story of how this individual got his name, which incidentally and innocently enough as it turned out was by breaking his arm while playing footie.

Next up was London comic Andi Osho with her deft observations of coming to the burbs and brilliant impressions on Nigerian men and women; she is currently writing a sitcom called CSI: NIGERIA.

Then it was over to Hal, whose routine consisted mainly of navel-gazing about being married to a woman whom he constantly disappoints and having a really camp voice that doesn't go with his physique. Hal's ability to counteract the drunken Croatian woman in the second row who also appeared to have had too much sun' was nothing short of genius.

Upstairs at the Fox really is carving a name out for itself as a venue of choice for discerning comedy fans. Next month's headliner is Ian Stone who is also heading for Edinburgh, so you'd better get in quick if you want a seat.

Melanie Dakin