Read any review of London-based singer songwriter Sam Beer and it will doubtless tell you at least some of the following: that he has the potential to become one of the best singer/songwriters of his generation, and that he looks and (in places) sounds a little like Nick Drake.

Lazy journalism? Not really. Sam's mesmerizing, emotive songwriting; his beautiful, finger-picked guitar work, and his haunting, honey-rich voice make both of the above ring true.

If I had to pick a sound-alike I'd probably plump for a Solid Air era John Martyn.

Sam Beer, though, is plenty good enough simply to sound like Sam Beer. It was certainly a shame that some in the audience seemed not to care about any of this but I really think you should. Google him now, I urge you - Open your ears and open your mind.

Watford's Sarah Hamlin, as many readers are doubtless aware, is a bit of a favourite of mine and was, again, marvellous. Why this girl is not making fistfuls of cash out of her quite remarkable talent is beyond me. Enough said.

My philosophy on music is simple: as successful as any artist may become there remains a difference between mere content (radio fodder) and genuine art.

On alternating Thursdays, Café Cha Cha Cha continues to exhibit the latter. For that I am very grateful indeed.

Neil Skinner ****