Window envelopes, old packaging and used tea bags - just everyday items that most of us would discard without a second thought, but not artist Ann Kopka, who is currently exhibiting at Harrow Arts Centre.

Using a range of discarded everyday ephemera, she has created a stunning range of contemporary and experimental artwork, which incorporates painting, drawing, installation and digital art.
Entitling the exhibition Lines of Enquiry, Ann, who studied fine art at Central St Martin’s College of Art and Design, uses her compositions to draw attention to the throwaway nature of a consumerist society, questioning our perception of its value systems.

Humble objects, found papers, packaging, photographs and charity shop finds have been transformed into tactile reliefs, installations or wall hangings.

A large scale art installation made from used window envelopes and artwork made with tea bags are among the distinctive and unique exhibits on show in Ann’s solo exhibition.

Added to this mix is a strong visual emphasis on experimentation with colour and light.

Photographs are digitally manipulated to become the source material for vibrant acrylic paintings saturated in multiple layers of colour or are made into digital prints.

Lines of Enquiry is at Harrow Arts Centre, Uxbridge Road, Hatch End, from Wednesday, January 30 to Friday, February 15. Details: 020 8416 8989,,