We at Steven Eagell Toyota discussed what we could do to support Red Nose Day this year in a way that that would connect with our local community. So for Comic Relief 2015, our branches are handing over their facilities to the National Drug and Alcohol Road Safety Charity for a whole day.

In a series of workshops throughout the day they will deliver, not lectures, but interactive discussions that will dispel common misconceptions about drink/drug driving.

Could you answer the following questions accurately?

• When do you get a driving disqualification and for how long?

• At what rate do most people process alcohol?

• How many units are in different measures and types of alcohol?

• How soon after could you be fit to drive safely?

There are many myths about drink driving, alcohol units and the law, which can often lead to misinformation amongst both new and experienced drivers.

Although drivers under 30 in England are far more likely to fail a breath test, the impact of drink-driving affects passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists.

If you would like to attend or know someone that would benefit from attending, the workshops are taking place at the following locations at 12pm and 2pm on each day:

• Monday 9th March - Steven Eagell Toyota (St. Albans)
• Tuesday 10th March - Steven Eagell Toyota (Letchworth)
• Wednesday 11th March - Steven Eagell Toyota (Northampton)
• Thursday 12th March - Steven Eagell Toyota (Milton Keynes)

The workshops are free, but a voluntary contribution of between £5 and £10 will go entirely to Comic Relief: Red Nose Day 2015, helping transform lives in the UK and across Africa.

To find out more, please call our Contact Centre on 01908 248 899.

Thank you,

Steven Eagell Toyota