It's hard with 28 people to sum up exactly what everyone brought to the London to Paris ride, and I definitely won't mention everyone.

But here's a flavour of the team that completed the ride.

The trip was of course led by Harrow's top policeman Richard Walton, who led the Rhinos from distant also-rans to arguably the strongest team out there.

Admittedly I am completely biased, but all nine of us made it there, and by the end we were a well-oiled machine contemplating entering the Olympics as long as there was a red wine stop in the middle of any competitive race.

Richard was by no means the only copper taking on the challenge, and was joined by Rayners Lane Sergeant Paul Culver and Hounslow PC Russell Clarke.

Russell doubles as a competitive cyclist and former member of team GB, so it's fair to say he's alright at cycling.

I credit him with helping me complete the ride, after having a look at my bike at the start of day three and fix everything that was wrong with it.

He told me afterwards it was ridiculously heavy, poorly set up, and he was not sure how I'd got through the first two days.

Neither am I.

Kevin Watson and his wife Flo did a great deal of organising of the trip, for which we are all immensely grateful, and led the Hornets team reputedly with military precision.

Gavin Collins is the vicar at Christchurch Chorleywood, where many of the cyclist hailed from.

A few weeks ago he had an altercation with a Land Rover, and despite valiant efforts, it seems the motor vehicle was victorious and claimed his bike as a trophy.

Undeterred, Gavin rested, recouperated, got a new bike, and even managed to deliver a message to his parishioners on Sunday from the auspices of Abbeville.

A mention must be made of Pete Whitfield, a man of superhuman powers when there is even the smallest talk of lunch.

Never short of energy no matter how steep the hills, I think it was the glimmer of hope that a KFC was at the top that kept him going.

And Robert McNaughton, very little needs to be said other that he manages to pull off the all white lycra suit like no other man could.

I must also mention the support drivers, Jonathan, Clara, Judy, and David, who were never far away with a map book, an endless supply of KitKats, and an encouraging word.

Everyone I met this trip was so kind and supportive, and help the most unfit and uncoordinated cyclist (me) to the finish line no matter how shambollic I appeared (for the record, I fell off my bike eight times, and almost of of those were my fault).

Now I'm going to have to look for some other way to challenge myself, maybe a trialathlon, perhaps climbing a mountain, or even skydiving. Might have a bit of a sleep first.

For the record, here are the riders who completed the 300 mile trip, raising more than £30,000 for Kisima: Kevin Watson, Flo Watson, Sean Brew, Andrew Morley, Michael Walton, Robert Chalk, Gavin Collins, James Gardner, Marcus Stoneham, Russell Clarke, Rebecca Lowe, Tristan Kirk, Tom Cockburn, Peter Whitfield, Richard Walton, Andrew Robertson, Jon Harman, Igor Richter, John Nash, Sam McElroy, Paul Culver, Chris Hale, Robert Macnaughton, Dave Jones, Adam Kirkham.