I've slowly realised this blog has become less and less about my training, and more about my state of mind.

In keeping with that, I must tell you I haven't been sleeping well recently.

As you may be able to spot, it is after 1am that I am writing this, and again it's not going very well.

Last night, I had a bad dream about turning up for the ride with no shoes on.

The other night I woke up thinking I had slept in and missed the start of the ride.

Now I'm not that concerned about the physical aspect, but more worried I may be going slightly barmy.

Moving on, last blog I mentioned about shunning carbs all this week in preparation for the ride.

Predictably that has been a miserable failure all round, having gorged myself on pasta, pizza, sandwiches and garlic bread.

Nevermind, I like to think it was the thought that counted rather than the execution, and you should never give up your favourite foods without a solid scientific basis.

In other news, with just a day to go before the launch, Rebecca still hasn't got her new passport.

We have been faithfully assured it is on the way, but as Fergie would say, it's squeaky bum time on that front.

Tomorrow, I'll post the final pictures of my fully equipped bike before the big start.