This is the monthly Blog into the activity of your local Safer Neighborhood Teams and some of the work that we have been doing.

March has been a busy month for vehicle seizure operations, targeting those who drive uninsured cars on our roads. Statistically, of those drivers that are stopped by Police whilst driving without insurance, 70% are known criminals and so we take the opportunity to set up automatic number plate recognition camera in our crime hot spots to detect those cars without insurance or tax. In the last month alone, we have seized 27 cars, of all types of make and value which will go to the crushers if the driver cannot produce a valid driving licence and insurance certificate.

Sgt Nick Foster has been leading from the front in Wealdstone last week for the Wealdstone week of police action as follows; Monday: 22 vehicles stopped in Station Approach: 2 cars seized (no insurance) and one arrest for driving whilst disqualified. Crime Prevention Bus on Headstone Drive resulted in 74 people spoken to and given crime prevention advice on Home Security, Personal Security and Motor Vehicle Crime. Twenty of these people who previously did not have Smartwater were given applications. Also 40 mini handbag alarms were given out to elderly and vulnerable females.

Special Constabulary colleagues patrolled the High Street, enforcing the no alcohol zone.

Tuesday: A SmartWater anti burglary operation took place in the side streets, whereby local PCSO’s delivered a total of 145 free Smartwater kits. If you would like a free kit delivered, please contact your local team. To find your team visit our website at

Wednesday: Crime Prevention Bus on Headstone Drive junction resulted in 138 crime prevention packs and 42 mini handbag alarms being distributed.

One male arrested for immigration offences.

A drug search warrant was executed at Churchill Place, Wealdstone, although with a negative result.

One vehicle was seized after the driver was found to have no insurance in High Street, Wealdstone. He was given a fixed penalty ticket of £200 and 6 points on his licence as well as being reported for having no road tax. Thursday: A SmartWater anti burglary operation took place in Marlborough Ward with 130 Smartwater kits delivered.

Sgt Craig Hands and his team in Edgware had a near “shocking moment” recently when they executed a search warrant in a suspected squat in Constable Gardens; the occupants had bypassed the electricity meter and there were live wires hanging from the walls.

Five men aged between 18 and 48 and a woman aged 20 was arrested on suspicion of abstracting electricity and handling stolen goods. Officers also seized various items of electrical equipment including laptops, computer games consoles and cameras which were suspected of being obtained through the proceeds of other crimes and enquiries continue to establish the rightful owners. Much has been written about the lack of police officer fitness recently, not so about PCSO Suzanne Keys who gave chase to three suspects recently in the town centre. Having earlier spoken to members of staff from the Carphone Warehouse in relation to a suspected theft of several mobile phones, Suzanne saw three males in a nearby alley fitting the suspects’ descriptions. The males saw Suzanne and ran. Calling for assistance on her radio, Suzanne gave chase down several roads, across a garden and local park, all whilst giving directions to colleagues. Suzanne caught and detained one male who gave up panting heavily whilst officers detained the remaining two later on and still in possession of the telephones. A good job done by all.

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