This month, PC Jodene Feeney of the Wealdstone Anti-Social Behaviour Partnership (WASP) team successfully applied for a second ASBO against 18 year old Sahal Amin, who has been a persistent offender in the Wealdstone High Street area. Despite police youth engagement, he has failed to address his behaviour. Sahal was often at the centre of disorder and his exclusion from the Wealdstone dispersal zone and association with other known trouble makers has already seen a significant decrease in ASB related crime. PC Gail McKinnon continues to monitor the situation and is keen to hear from residents who may have information on criminal activities. If you wish to discuss ASB issues of concern, please contact PC McKinnon via and follow the link to your Wealdstone Ward.

Recent information received and your concerns, led Sgt Darren Judge of the Marlborough Safer Neighbourhoods Team to a brothel which was operating from an address in Masons Avenue. The address had been causing annoyance to local residents, particularly from clients knocking on the wrong doors. Sgt Judge has spoken directly with the occupant and landlord and, following this intervention, we are confident that the venue will no longer be used illegally. Sgt Judge will continue to monitor the address and ensure compliance with increasing patrols in the area.

Sgt Paul Mills and his team from Wealdstone ward are celebrating being the first ward in the borough to boast a full set of Neighbourhood Champions - one for every road on the ward. The scheme, which was built on the well-established Neighbourhood Watch programme, is jointly funded by Harrow police and Harrow Council. When the idea was first proposed, the goal was that a champion would be recruited for every street on the borough. The key role of the champion is to report issues of anti-social behaviour, such as graffiti, fly-tipping, abandoned vehicles and noise nuisance. Reports can be logged on the council's website, fast tracked and quickly resolved. Anything with a criminal element is passed onto the police. The scheme is also a useful tool for police to communicate fast time to residents, to provide crime prevention advice, information about burglaries or any other incidents which may be a cause for concern locally.

In addition, to this achievement, both Wealdstone and Marlborough wards have delivered in excess of 2,000 SmartWater packs to local residents and provided valuable crime prevention advice. If you have not received your SmartWater property marking solution, please contact your local Safer Neighbourhoods team who will make an appointment to attend your home.

Sgt Robert Bolton from the Headstone North team celebrated a recent arrest following an allegation of theft of British Legion poppy donation boxes from the Harrow Garden Centre, Headstone Lane. Two people have been arrested and charged with this offence and I hope to report soon, on the outcome at Court.

In addition, the Headstone North team recently stopped a motorist who was parking illegally in Pinner Road, using a disabled car badge. Enquiries soon revealed that the badge was stolen and Mr Jagjeet Singh Kapoor of Hayes was arrested and charged with theft. At Court, Mr Kapoor was fined £300, ordered to pay costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £15. Sgt Bolton and his team continue to patrol for those using disabled permits illegally.

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