The past six months have been challenging for my teams in Wealdstone in tackling the issue of anti-social behaviour, particularly along the High Street by groups of hooded males who intimidate pedestrians and openly smoke drugs.

To effectively deal with the issue, a dedicated partnership team was established to prioritise these groups, to engage with them, understand the reasons why they loiter in the street and through dialogue, try to make them understand how their actions are perceived by others.

The Wealdstone Anti-Social Behaviour Partnership (WASP) Team is headed by Sergeant Ed Baildon, working with the local authority Anti-Social Behaviour Team and Youth Services.

There has been a number of successful discussions and several individuals have moved away from the area, recognising the effects of their actions. Unfortunately, for some, a more robust form of action was required and on 20 December an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) was served on Kristian Palnoni for his persistent anti-social behaviour in the area.

The annual Harrow Council Christmas carol singing concert became eventful when Sergeant Tom Stagg, whilst in full flow of 'Oh Come all ye Faithful' was made aware of a robbery within the town centre bus depot.

Assisted by PCSOs Rocky Bance and Leon Smart, after a short chase, the individual was caught red handed with a mobile telephone which he had just stolen.

In addition, Sergeant Mike Windeatt and his Town Centre Team provided crime prevention advice to shoppers in the lead up to Christmas wearing the PC Connie costume and giving crime prevention advice.

I am pleased to say that no crimes were committed during the times that they were carrying out these prevention patrols.

The wearing of the costume was a big hit with local children and their parents, so watch out for PC Connie in the town centre in the future. If you are interested in becoming more involved in local policing priorities, why not consider becoming a member of your local ward panel which informs police on the local issues that matter to you the most and help us in prioritising our responses.

You can find out more information via the Metropolitan Police website and follow the Safer Neighbourhoods link to Harrow Borough.

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