Two roads have been left in shock after windows of two parked cars were smashed during a quiet morning.

People living in Gordon Avenue in Stanmore, were stunned to see two men smashing three windows of a black ford Fiesta on the morning of Sunday August 17.

Then later in the day it was found a second car, also a black Ford Fiesta, had been severely damaged in London Road, Stanmore.

It is believed both the cars had been rented and may have been targeted by the men.

Andrew, whose rented car was damaged in the incident, said: “I just couldn’t believe it at the time, I was in utter shock.

“It was about 10.30am and I was just minding my own business on a Sunday morning when I heard a bang.

“I went outside and a brick had been thrown through the window and another one had been smashed. My next door neighbour yelled at the two men and they had run off.

“I think the most striking thing is that it happened in broad daylight, in full view of neighbours, on a Sunday morning, and twice in the same area against the same car model.

“Nothing ever happens in my road, it’s just a very quiet place. I think all the neighbours were in absolute shock afterwards because you just don’t expect something like that to happen here.”

Neighbourhood Champion for London Road Sudsh Raheja said: “I saw the police down the other day and I was so surprised something like that would happen here.

“It’s very unusual for vandalism like that to happen in Stanmore.

“I think quite a lot of people in this road are shocked to have something like that happen on their doorstep and will be worried for their own cars now.”

Police investigating the incident in London Road, were called to the scene following reports of a man on a bike with a hammer.

Officers are looking to talk to male between the ages of 15 and 22 who was seen black tracksuit bottoms and a black hooded top with the number 53 riding a white bike.

Anyone with any information about either incident is being urged to contact police.