Readers have given a thumbs down to whether Harrow Borough Council should reintroduce the role of chief executive.

Last week the Harrow Times gave the people of Harrow the chance to have their say about the possible reinstating of the council chief executive in an online poll.

A total of 66 per cent, were against the role coming back to the council while 27 per cent in favour of the idea.

The remaining seven per cent chose the ‘don’t know’ option.

In July the new Labour administration announced a consultation among council staff, unions and councillors about bringing back the role.

In last week’s edition, leaders of the two main political parties at the council put forward their arguments on the position which can be read.

Conservative leader Susan Hall’s comments can be read here and Leader for the council David Perry’s view can be read here.

The role of chief executive, which paid an annual salary of £183,097, was scrapped in November last year by the then Conservative administration as a cost cutting measure.