I had to read Labour Councillor Phillip O’Dell’s letter twice ('Repair memorial clock once and for all' - Opinion, July 17).

He obviously hasn’t yet got the hang of this councillor role, which is odd given that he has been one for decades.

What councillors do when they are in control of the council is to fix problems, not complain about them.

Cllr O’Dell may not have noticed (neither may the residents, except for their bins not being collected), but he is in control of the council.

Do you agree? Have your say.

When I was a councillor, we had a problem in my ward with the condition of the memorial arch into Boxtree Park. We put in a few thousand pounds of council money and got funding from charitable sources so we got it fixed and it is now in a state where it will last for many years before more maintenance is needed.

Wealdstone memorial clock is in the ward Cllr O’Dell represents and it is his job to fix it. So please stop moaning and get on with it.

Tony Ferrari

West Drive, Harrow Weald

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