The new interim headteacher of a school has written to parents following the suspension of its existing headteacher.

Last week it was announced Whitchurch First School & Nursery’s headteacher Anne Winstrom had been suspended while an independent investigation into the management and financial practices at the school was carried out.

Harrow Borough Council and the governing body have launched the investigation and are in talks about setting up a new interim executive board to take over the governance of the school.

Michael Baxter has now taken over the role of headteacher at the school and has written to parents.

He said: “For many of us in school it has been a period of coming to terms with the sudden changes, but for all of us we need to focus on making sure that the children in our care continue to experience an exciting curriculum and learn well.

“We want all our children to enjoy the end of the academic year and prepare for their next steps.

“These could be troubling times but together we can make sure that we remain positive about the school, the staff and our children’s learning.

“Whitchurch is a great school to be working and leaning in and we will, as a team, continue to provide your children with the very best possible learning opportunities.”

An independent investigator will be appointed within the next month and the investigation will be carried out soon after.