The leader of Harrow's Conservatives has attacked Labour for the removal of non-executive members on the council cabinet.

Earlier today Labour leader David Perry announced his new cabinet which will be appointed after a meeting of Harrow Borough Council on Thursday.

However he and his group have been attacked for apparently not allowing non-executive members from the opposition parties to sit on the cabinet.

Leader of the Tory group Susan Hall said: “I'm pleased to see Labour have continued the Conservative group's policy of having a separate portfolio holder for health, given the importance of looking after the well-being of Harrow's residents.

“However, it's disgraceful that Labour have gone back on their word and intend to remove the non-executive councillors from cabinet, giving the opposition far less opportunity to question and scrutinise the administration.

“It suggests Labour are either running scared or already have something to hide."

The role of non-executive cabinet members was introduced last year by then ruling Independent Labour group leader Thaya Idaikkadar.

However in response leader of the Labour group David Perry said: “Cllr Hall is whipping up a storm in a tea-cup with this issue.

“Therefore, in order to clarify the facts, the Labour Administration has not deleted the post of non-executive members to cabinet.

“We have made a commitment that the voluntary sector should form part of the scrutiny of cabinet and I shall be personally leading on this review, this also includes opposition councillors.

“The Labour administration has taken the immediate decision to reduce the paid allowances for this position, which was disgracefully increased last year, in a move which was supported by the Conservative leader Susan Hall following an agreed backroom deal with some former Independent councillors.”