The loss of a Conservative councillor in the North Harrow area at the recent local elections is directly attributed to the now ex-Conservative leader of Harrow Borough Council’s draconian attitude to putting controlled parking zones (CPZs) there — against the majority of residents’ wishes and pleas.

The people voted with their feet — realistically ‘the people’ only matter at election time when we see the otherwise very invisible councillors on our doorstep begging for our vote.

So we urge all residents to remember that there is a General Election next year.

This is your short window of opportunity to stand up for your rights and demand to be heard.

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As soon as our councillors and politicians realise that ‘local matters matter to locals’ then the dictator-type style of politics, which has worryingly reared its ugly head in our midst, will be eliminated.

The actions of local councillors will impact directly on the votes their party gets in the General Election.

Our forefathers and mothers fought hard for the vote and they fought even harder for democracy.

We see nations across the world ruled by dictators and despots; unfortunately, dictatorships didn’t go away with the fall of Weimar Germany.

That is why we must not be bullied in Harrow and we must not condone a democracy that is democratic only in name and not in practice.

Harrow residents pay close to the highest council tax in the UK so we cannot tolerate an administration with the stated aim of introducing CPZs right across every single road in Harrow.

This valuable resource (parking) will only continue to rise in value. How much money does Harrow Council need or want?

Let’s question the finances of our council. What is your money used for? Do we get value? Who is overseeing the behaviour of our council and its use of our millions? And let’s wake up and stand up.

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