Pupils, parents and teachers worked together on a day to celebrate the many cultures that make up their school.

Every year group at Grange Primary School, in Welbeck Road, South Harrow, enjoyed the all-day international event.

During the day children came to school dressed in the traditional dress from their cultural background and learned about different countries throughout the day.

After school members of the school’s PTA and other parents were invited to bring traditional food for an international after school fair.

Teacher Rosanna Wall, who helped organise the lessons, said: “I think the children have really enjoyed the day and learnt a lot about the background of their friends.

“The parents have been great and came in to teach some of the classes different languages.

“It’s been a great day for the whole school to come together and celebrate the different cultures of the pupils.”

The school children learnt about a wide range of countries including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Japan, Spain, Poland, Brazil and Somalia.

The school’s PTA chairman Dr Madiha Jawad said: “The whole idea for the international day came from a conversation I had with the headteacher who told me there were 42 languages spoken at the school.

“It all grew from there. We wanted to bring all the different cultures of the school together to celebrate its diversity.

“It’s been a great day and we have had fantastic support from all the parents. Its fantastic to see the whole school community celebrating together.”