A woman has not had her recycling collected for two months because she is not using bags branded with Harrow Borough Council's initials.

Agnes Golebiowska, of Kenton Park Crescent, Kenton, has not had her brown bin for recycled house waste collected since February.

She says she has been told by Harrow Borough Council it is because she has not been putting her waste in recycling bags with the authority’s name and logo.

Instead the 29-year-old has been using bags bought from a supermarket which can be used for recycling.

She said: “It’s just ridiculous really. I have used bags which are eco friendly but the council refuses to collect them. It’s just not fair and the waste is just been building up and up.

“I personally think recycling is really important and I want to recycle but I don’t see why I have to use the council bags if the ones I buy are suitable.

“If Harrow Council want us to use their bags then they should give them to us for free like other councils in London.

“I already pay my council tax for my rubbish to be collected but they want me to pay more for bags.

“I could just put it all in the general waste but I want to recycle it because I think it is important. They should be making it as easy as possible for people to recycle.”

A spokeswoman for Harrow Council said: “We ask residents only to use council branded bio-degradable bags for food waste, which makes it easier for sorting staff to clearly identify waste to be composted.

"This reduces the chances of waste being rejected and sent to landfill which can incur a charge - costing the taxpayer.

"Our bio-degradable bags are for food waste only and are widely available at libraries and Access Harrow. If residents do not want to use these bags, they can wrap food waste in newspaper."