Cyclists from across the borough joined together to call for improvements to roads to make them safer for bike users.

Members of the group Harrow Cyclists met outside Harrow Civic Centre, in Station Road, as part of the London wide campaign Space for Cycling.

The project is calling for Harrow Borough Council candidates in the upcoming London local elections to commit to improving roads and make streets safer for cyclists.

Co-ordinator of Harrow Cyclists Tony Levene, said: “We are really happy with the turnout on the day. In the past Harrow has not been a place which has been very cycle friendly.

“The main point of the campaign is to show that cycling is a viable method of transportation and that it is recognised as one.

“We want to see investment and improvements made in cycling infrastructure around Harrow and the whole of London.

“It is possible to make simple changes to make roads safer without a huge cost.”

Campaigners say everyone will benefit and councils can make it make it safer for children to cycle to school and can improve town centres by making them easier to visit by bike.

Members of the group have written to candidates in the council elections informing them of the improvements which could be made to their ward’s.

The efforts of Harrow Cyclists have been supported by London Assembly member and Harrow councillor Navin Shah.

He said: “Cycling initiatives like this one are critical for Harrow to create more accessible and safe infrastructure for cyclists.

“In my response to London Plan amendments I’ve called upon the Mayor of London to extend his ‘Mini Holland’ programme for cycling to Harrow to enable us to improve conditions for cyclists.

“I fully endorse the cycling campaign because, for now and for Harrow’s staggering growth projections for the future, Harrow needs sustainable mode of transport which cycling undoubtedly provides.

“We must create space and safe environment to improve and encourage cycling in Harrow.”