A teenager has been jailed after he was found with a machine gun, gun parts, nunchucks and CS gas in his family home.

Reza Khalilzada, of Pembroke Avenue, Pinner, had ordered the guns online from America and came to the attention of police when US Customs scanned a parcel for delivery to his address in August last year.

The package was labelled as containing a ceramic dish and an ornament but after X-raying it, officers found an Uzi machine gun and 187 rounds of ammunition.

Following the discovery US Homeland Security notified the Met police which carried out a search of his address.

The 18-year-old Dutch national told police he had responded to a website advert offering money to provide a "drop-off address" for an unknown package.

During the search police the barrel of an AK-74 rifle under the mattress in his bedroom.

A rucksack was also found containing CS gas, a lock knife, lighter fluid, aerosol cans, a lighter, a catapault and ball bearings, a scarf and bandana, balaclavas, gloves, field dressing for wounds, amphetamines and ecstasy.

He was charged with firearm offences and pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of a prohibited weapon, AK-74 barrel and CS gas, and two counts of possession of a controlled drug, MDMA and amphetamine.

He pleaded not guilty to attempting to possess a prohibited weapon, AK-74 parts, and conspiracy to fraudulently evade a prohibition.

He was found guilty at Isleworth Crown Court on Tuesday, 28 January and jailed for six years on Friday March 14.

Detective Inspector Rob Murray said: "Khalilzada's arsenal contained everything one person would need to potentially kill and seriously injure a lot of people.

“With the assistance of our partners in the United States, we've taken these weapons off the streets and out of criminal hands, where they could have potentially resulted in very serious consequences.

“I hope this case and the sentence acts as a deterrent to anyone thinking of being involved in the illegal purchase or distribution of firearms and ammunition."