Primary school pupils showed off their hopping and jumping skills at a skipathon to raise money for a school in Uganda.

Schoolchildren from Pinner Park Junior dressed in the colours of the Ugandan flag and performed sponsored skips as part of a series of events held in both Africa and England to raise £4,000.

The money will go towards providing a new set of toilets for Masindi Public School in Uganda.

Pupils were delighted to be helping their fellow Ugandan pupils. Amanbir, 11, said: “It makes us feel happy to have helped. It gets you feeling good making things a little better.”

Ekta, 11, added: “I believe that everyone deserves a clean place to live and play in, and I am really glad we got skipping for this.”

Year 6 teacher Diana Mendonça, 33, decided to organise the skipathon event after visiting Masindi Public School in 2011 and 2012.

She said: Girls in Uganda often do not attend school without clean conditions, so new toilets will encourage girls to get better educated.”

Ms Mendonça added that the new toilets were “vital and necessary” as all children deserve a clean environment under Article 24 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child.

A concurrent skipping event was also held at Masindi Public School. The two schools regularly share photos, letters and have linked curriculums.