A Harrow Borough Council officer has been given a commendation from the London Fire Brigade.

Seamus Doherty received the award from Harrow Borough Commander Richard Claydon for his work identifying vulnerable people who may be at risk of fire.

Working with the brigade through the council's Local Safeguarding Adults Board (LSAB), Mr Doherty has identified people and referred them to firefighters for home safety checks.

Borough Commander Richard Claydon said: “Seamus’s work and has been invaluable for us in finding people who we may not be able to get in contact with.

“As a result of his dedication we have been able help 60 people who may have been at risk. We have been able to carry out fire health safety checks and also install sprinkler systems.

“The lives of those 60 people have been made safer because of Seamus.”

The Borough Commander's letter of commendation presented to Mr Doherty is usually given to firefighters and rarely given to people outside the brigade.

Harrow Council leader Councillor Susan Hall said: “Seamus has done a fantastic job and this goes to show what can be achieved when you work together with other organisations.

“I also think it shows the fantastic work of our borough commander who has been involved and willing to work with the council since he joined us.”