Ghanaian cocoa farmers will be visiting the borough as part of campaign to show Fairtrade in action.

The farmers from the Divine Chocolate Co-operative will be attending St George's Shopping centre in Harrow town centre on Tuesday March 4, from 1.30pm to 4.30pm to coincide with Fairtrade Fortnight.

The visit is being supported by Oxfam Pinner and people will be able to find out more about Fairtrade.

The co-operative allows the farmers to own 45 per cent of the company and they then choose how profits are spent in their community.

Mayor of Harrow Councillor Nana Asante will also be meeting with the farmers as part of Harrow Borough Council’s events for the fortnight.

She said: “Fairtrade has always been something close to my heart and we are now moving forward to becoming a Fairtrade borough.

“I think the farmers from Divine Chocolate are a great advitisment for Fairtrade and how it can work for the benefit of the farmers.

“This is not about charity and giving someone a handout. It is about giving them a fair chance to provide for themselves and the community they live in.”

The council recently announced Harrow Mosque was the first in London awarded Fairtrade status.

Last week the Mayor called for the people of Harrow to push for the borough to acheive Fairtrade status

Fairtrade is an international campaign which aims to ensure growers and labourers receive what it sees as a fair price for growing and producing crops such as sugar, coffee, chocolate, sugar and cotton.

Schools and community groups across the borough will be taking part in activities to promote fair prices for farmer’s goods in the developing world as part of the national week of action.